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She who comes here, finds what she has lost

My Sister and The Sea is a sweet weatherboard cottage full of treasures and whimsy, nestled in the small township of Marion Bay on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia.

We are sisters who, along with our families, have spent endless summers here, sandy feet , long meals, naps on daybeds, swimming, fishing, exploring, jigsaw puzzles, dreaming, laughing and loving. Winters, are so happily spent by the fire reading, drinking wine and sleeping in. 

About us

We are Sarah and Emma, two sisters who fought like crazy as teenagers but are now loving hard on each other and spend our time pfaffing around with interiors and excited we get to share our shack with you. To see more of us we are @readandhall

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My Sister & The Sea is located a short walk to many beautiful beaches. Each are distinct, unique and magical. Feel like surfing, kayaking, paddling in calm waters or discovering your own secluded beach? All this and more is why we have fallen in love with this place and now want to share the secret with you. 

Innes National Park is a quick drive up the road and is a protected area of incredible beautiful, crystal clear water, perfect for surfing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming and exploring. 

Innes National Park is classified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as a Category 2 Protected Area. We are still falling in love with this park and its many shipwrecks, lighthouses and secluded bays. 

Returning to the cosines of My Sister and The Sea is the perfect way to end a day adventuring.


We have two Queen size bedrooms, plus an optional twin room, a full kitchen, lovely laundry, WiFi, air conditioning, heating, a slow combustion fire and firewood. Electric blankets and parking. 

Note: there is deliberately no tv here-time to talk, feel the silence and return to yourself. Bring your own devices for Netflix like we do.

Rustic Curated Interiors 

My Sister & The Sea has has bestowed upon it the love of my sister and I. Beautiful French linen, daybeds, indoor and outdoor bathing (under the stars!), a fireplace, bespoke furniture and collected treasures fill each room.